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Cybersecurity Tip #6: Be Proactive with Threat Protection

[SECURITY | 3 MIN READ]  In an era of increased cyberattacks, MSPs should ensure they utilize proactive threat protection methods to he protect themselves and their customers.


#CyberSecurityTip: Be proactive about threat prevention by monitoring your accounts for suspicious activity. Cyberattacks are the fastest-growing crime in the US and are seen as the biggest threat to businesses around the world. As cyberattacks become progressively more prevalent (and more difficult to prevent), small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly turning to their managed services providers (MSPs) to protect them against these threats.

How are MSPs vulnerable?

MSPs themselves are just as vulnerable to cyberattacks as anyone else—if not more. Given that they control so much confidential data for their customers, it is particularly important they engage in threat monitoring to help protect both themselves and their customers.

MSPs hold the key to the metaphorical castle, storing sensitive data in unencrypted systems, like spreadsheets, emails, PSAs, RMMs, and plain text files. This puts both them and their customers at risk, as these systems can be compromised by hackers.

In addition to storage weaknesses, MSPs often employ single technicians who have unencumbered access to their sensitive data. MSPs should better protect their data from the start with encryption, multifactor authentication, and privileged access controls. Once that is done, they can begin to engage in the next level of cybersecurity: threat monitoring.

What is threat monitoring?

Threat monitoring is a proactive cybersecurity measure in which you constantly monitor your networks or endpoints for suspicious activity to identify threats before they become full attacks or data breaches. The process involves collecting, correlating, and analyzing data from many systems in order to find any signs or patterns indicating a potential security threat.

Continuous cybersecurity monitoring can improve threat visibility, detect a broader range of threats, provide reports on suspicious activity before a breach occurs, and significantly reduce incident response time. All of these proactive measures can help either prevent attacks or decrease the damage of one.  

How can MSPs help their customers?

Most SMBs realize the potentially devastating consequences of a cyberattack or data breach—however, many don’t have the resources or the budget to stay on top of security threats on their own. That’s why many SMBs have begun looking to their MSPs to provide cybersecurity services to help protect their businesses and data. In fact, 43% of SMBs surveyed say they rely on their MSPs for threat prevention more than any other service.

 In order to be most helpful to their customers, MSPs need to be able to adapt to the shifting needs of SMBs. In the case of cybersecurity threats, that means being well-versed in the best threat monitoring and general cybersecurity practices—as well as ensuring they are proactive, rather than solely reactive in their security efforts.

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