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Password Manager Integrated with RMM
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Password Manager Integrated with Remote Monitoring and Management: What You Should Know

By SolarWinds MSP

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions help managed services providers (MSPs) remotely monitor endpoints, networks, and computers to secure and maintain healthy IT environments for their customers. To provide robust services, MSPs can benefit enormously from integrating their RMM solutions with centralized password management capabilities. A password manager can safely store privileged user credentials, provide granular access control functionalities, and in the case of SolarWinds Passportal, double as IT documentation software. By combining these utilities into one integrated tool, MSPs can streamline their operations, improve cost-efficiency, and help minimize security risks.

This guide will walk you through how to unlock the benefits of integration, show you how easy it is to configure integrations with the right tools, and explain how Passportal can be used alongside SolarWinds® RMM and SolarWinds N-central®.

The benefits of integration

There are numerous advantages associated with integrating a password manager with an RMM tool, which helps create a more comprehensive all-in-one solution. An RMM tool with an integrated password manager helps secure best practice credentials management and reduces the need to purchase, implement, and manage additional standalone tools. As a result, such integration provides the following benefits:

• Increased cyberhygiene

Passportal locks encrypted credentials into vaults that can be shared, and can automatically reset passwords with strong passwords to thwart credential hackers. Technicians can retrieve device data from within Passportal, and link directly to the devices in the remote monitoring tool console.

• Cost-efficiency

Integrations tend to be cheaper than standalone products, allowing you to create an all-in-one solution without relying on additional tools. This reduces the overall cost of your software while still allowing you to offer robust services to your customers. As a general rule, all-in-one solutions offer better value for money because they require less ongoing management and configuration than using multiple tools for the same job. This boosts cost-efficiency by reducing the number of paid technician hours spent managing the tools themselves.

• Streamlined operations

When companies use multiple tools as opposed to an all-in-one RMM tool, they need to train their staff in using each of these tools. Every tool is likely to have a vastly different interface and layout, which means training can be time-consuming and ineffective. Even with the best possible training, your technicians still lose time that could otherwise be used to support customers by constantly having to switch back and forth between tools. With a fully integrated RMM tool that offers centralized password management, your technicians can sync end devices directly into SolarWinds Passportal and link them to other assets, articles, documents, or credentials. Centralized access control means all password use is carefully tracked and logged for compliance audits, and access can be immediately revoked across all systems if an employee leaves your company.

Passportal integrations for SolarWinds RMM and N-central

Passportal, a SolarWinds password management tool, offers a number of integrations with multiple partners and platforms—including remote monitoring software from SolarWinds, RMM, and N-central. The following Passportal integrations and features are available with both:

• Controlled password access to customer devices

The SolarWinds RMM and N-central integrations mean that Passportal partners can synchronize their devices directly into their password management tool. Once a device is in Passportal, you can link it to other assets, documents, credentials, or articles. Technicians can use this functionality to retrieve rich device data from within Passportal and link directly to devices in the RMM or N-central console.

• Public document publishing

Passportal’s Documentation Manager feature gives all RMM and N-central partners using the Passportal integration the ability to easily share documents with external users.

• Runbooks

This feature allows Passportal partners to export and print a single PDF file containing consolidated data. This might include a collection of articles, assets, passwords, procedures, or any other forms of IT documentation.

• Accessing synchronized assets

This means you can view any synchronized assets from SolarWinds RMM or N-central simply by navigating to a client you have chosen to sync and selecting “Assets.” When you select any of the assets, you will be presented with a screen displaying asset data, including IP address, name, last logged user, domain, user defined fields, and much more.

• Accessing additional asset information

This feature allows you to get additional audit information on a device from within Passportal. You can gather additional asset data without needing to log into RMM or N-central—just select the “Audit Device” button and the device audit information will be displayed.

• Asset software inventory

This integration allows you to view information on what software is installed on the asset. Select the “Software on Device” button and a screen displaying the relevant information will appear. This information can be copied, printed, or exported. You can also filter the information to make it easier to locate the necessary details.

• Asset revisions

This capability allows technicians to view and revert to various revisions of an asset’s information, which is all available from within Passportal. Just select the “Revisions” button next to the version you wish to view and click “Restore” for fast recovery.

• Remote sessions

This RMM-specific integration allows you to launch a remote session from within Passportal while viewing an asset. This will let you provide seamless remote support with not only Take Control, but also Team Viewer or RDP connections.

How do you configure the integration with Passportal?

N-central prerequisites for integration

Before you can configure a SolarWinds N-central integration, you must have the following prerequisites:

  • An SSL connection with a valid certificate to your RMM
  • A dedicated N-central login for the integration, which is a user account created at the service organization level with a minimum of read-only access permissions for all clients
  • The fully qualified domain name of the N-central server (on-premise), or the N-central portal URL

To enable the integration, follow the instructions in the knowledgebase. 

RMM prerequisites for integration

Before you can configure a SolarWinds RMM integration, you must have the following prerequisites:

  • The RMM portal URL
  • The API Key provisioned from RMM
  • At least two clients recorded in RMM

To enable the integration, follow the instructions in the knowledgebase.

Choosing the right centralized password management tools

If you’re an MSP looking for an all-in-one RMM solution that is easy to use, flexible, fully integrated, and versatile, SolarWinds RMM and N-central are powerful options that combine the capabilities of multiple tools. While RMM is more suitable for organizations looking to get up and running fast, N-central is ideal for MSPs looking to expand their reach and scale their business.

Both of these tools allow for integrated and centralized password management, with the Passportal integration also doubling as IT documentation software. With integrated granular access control capabilities and advanced security delivered alongside remote monitoring and management utilities, these tools bring a number of notable benefits in one consolidated package. Perhaps most importantly, they are able to significantly boost security and streamline daily operations without adding unnecessary labor or cost to your software management and maintenance processes. You can access a 30-day free trial of RMM here and a 30-day free trial of N-central here.

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