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How MSPs Can Benefit From Passportal's Partnership With Percona

[IN THE NEWS | 2 MIN READ]  In a recent press release during the AWS re:Invent Summit in Las Vegas, November 26-30, 2018, Percona, an open source database software and service, announced it's partnership with Passportal. This partnership helps Passportal ensure database uptime and availability in an Amazon AWS Environment through key Percona products that help act as a backbone for 'five 9s uptime'.


Photo Percona 

Lance Bryant-Grigg, Application Platform Manager at Passportal, Quotes:

“When it comes to our customers’ data security, ‘pretty good’ is not good enough. Security is a crucial component of our customers’ business, so it’s a crucial component of our business. Our service needs to be up and available at all times. We work hard to maintain a five 9s uptime for our AWS database environment. Percona’s MySQL Support and Percona XtraDB Cluster software in our deployment help us guarantee we are available when our customers need us.”

What this means for Passportal's partners and their clients:

  • Security
  • Stability
  • Breach Prevention
  • High Availability Uptime

>> Want to learn more? Read the press release in it's entirety via Percona <<



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