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Featured Integration: Passportal’s Ocular™ Platform and ConnectWise® Manage™

[INTEGRATION | 2 MIN READ] To go along with the IT Nation spirit, we wanted to highlight Passportal's ConnectWise® integrations: ConnectWise® Manage™, ConnectWise® Automate™, and ConnectWise® Control™. Today we focus on ConnectWise® Manage™. Continue reading to learn how MSPs can leverage this PSA integration. 


Passportal's integration with ConnectWise® Manage™:

The ConnectWise® Manage™ PSA integration with the Ocular™ platform helps MSPs get up and running quicker with Passportal by syncing information such as: Clients, Users, Assets, Contacts and Locations. This not only saves time, but also ensures accuracy across records. MSPs have the ability to fine-tune each section and control which records should be synced or excluded. The easy set-up process will get your MSP up and running with Passportal Ocular™ within minutes. 

The Ocular™ and ConnectWise® Manage™ integration will save technician time by allowing them to access all the relevant information quickly and securely from one tool. This translates to a quicker response time and better customer experience for your clients.

ConnectWise® Manage™ also integrates with Ocular™ + docs:

MSPs can sync Clients, Users, Assets Contacts and Locations in Ocular™ + Docs.

 >> Check out our integration how-to video to the left. 

To learn how to setup the ConnectWise® Manage™ integration in your Ocular™ account, see our knowledge base article here.

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