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Featured Integration: Passportal’s Ocular™ Platform and ConnectWise Control™

[INTEGRATION | 2 MIN READ] Our third featured integration today is ConnectWise Control™. We dive deep into it's functionality with Passportal's Ocular™ platform and how the integration with ConnectWise® Control™ improves MSP operations. Continue reading to find out how.


Passportal's integration with ConnectWise Control™:


'This integration offers peace of mind for technicians and clients alike with failsafe security measures and documentation management. When performing remote support services in ConnectWise Control™ safely access passwords and document every detail using Passportal, without switching between platforms.' (continue reading & photo via Control™)

The Passportal plug-in for ConnectWise Control™ pulls passwords directly from Ocular™ and places them into the login field when using Control™ in order to access a Windows account via the remote session. The plug-in also allows easy access to credentials within the remote session for use in applications and websites. 

Passportal's Ocular™ Platform and ConnectWise Control™ features: helper-menu

  • Provides direct access to credentials via the Control™ interface
  • Convenience of one-click logins into Windows environments
  • Convenience of using credentials within remote session without having to leave the Control™  interface
  • Enforcing auditable access trails
  • Allowing use of secure passwords through automation, eliminating technician error

  • To see more screen-captures of this integration via: ConnectWise Control™ 
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