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Passportal Wins, “Best Revenue Opportunity”, Voted on by 1600 MSPs – Marking DattoCon18 Our Most Successful Conference to Date

This week concludes the DattoCon conference in Austin, TX, June 18-20th, 2018, and quite frankly, it was one of our best conference’s yet. Passportal has been a sponsor for over 100 Industry events. With over 1600 MSP’s in attendance from 25 different countries across the world, we are humbled with how receptive our presence was amongst all MSP's, our partners and other vendors. Just like bat signal in the midnight sky, the spotlight was on us.

Best Revenue Generator

Glorious DattoCon18 booth perks


To go along with Passportal's Batman theme at DattoCon18 this year, we had a ‘super’ – as you will – draw prize to win a unique, detailed Batman Cowl. If you were an MSP that happened to drop by Passportal’s booth, you were entered in the draw. We are very pleased to announce the prize winner was Michael Williams of BinaryLogic. Please take good care of Batman, Michael, or we might have come rescue him at lightning speed!

Passportal’s dHarmony Dinner

Passportal also hosted an exclusive dinner during the event. We welcomed 30 MSP's to the ‘Batcave’ to indulge in some beverages and tasty tacos whilst partaking in engaging conversations about the IT Channel as a whole. Our CEO shared some golden nuggets of advice from his days running a fast-growth MSP, of course we also talked a bit about password security and documentation.

Impressive turn out this year

Datto announced that over 1,900 new MSP partners joined the Datto community this year, and acclaimed that this year is record growth. DattoCon is now dubbed as the largest open ecosystem MSP event in the IT industry which hosted renowned keynote speakers, Robert Herjavec, of Shark Tank, and Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group. Talk about a massive event.


A huge win for Passportal at DattoCon18

To top the cake, Passportal was awarded Datto's Vendor Award, “Best Revenue Opportunity”, one of only five awards available to the 73 vendor sponsors, voted on by the 1600 MSP's in attendance. This is an enormous accomplishment for the whole of Passportal, which everyone contributed in. We are so proud of the Passportal family that brought our solutions to fruition.

A big thanks to all...

We would like to thank everyone for this outstanding achievement, from our team to our partners, and all of the MSPs we met this week who voted for us. We strive to build award-winning solutions and support the partners it was built for so that they can run better businesses. We couldn’t have asked for a better end result.


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Karla Poznikoff
Digital Marketing Manager

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