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Feature Release: Passportal Announces SolarWinds Passportal Browser Extension

We're not even fooling... the new cross-browser extension is live and here! Announcing Passportal's fully native SolarWinds Passportal (previously Ocular™)  browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and all Chromium-based browsers that enable users to easily access and manage their My Vault, Company Vault, and Client Vault credentials securely.

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We are excited to release our hugely anticipated and newest feature - the SolarWinds Passportal browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and all Chromium-based browsers.

The SolarWinds Passportal browser extension provides a secure and easy way of accessing and managing your SolarWinds Passportal account credentials directly from your preferred browser. Increase productivity with our autofill and autologin launch features that allow quick and easy access to the websites you use most.

Download it today directly through Passportal's download center in your SolarWinds Passportal account, or search for it in your browser's web store.

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Features include:

• Access all SolarWinds Passportal credentialsBrowser Extension
• Access non-website/URL associated credentials
• Company Vault, My Vault, Client Vault access
• Create, edit, view, search, sync credentials
• Built-in credential generator

What’s New

• Quick search
• Customizable views
• Autofill and autologin
• Multiple logins available
• Match subdomain option
• Single-click and instant login options
• Improved username and password field detection
• Redesigned UI with enhanced usability and performance


• Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) supported
• AES-256 encryption
• SOC 2 compliant
Rapid 7 tested

How to access the extension:

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Add the extension into your internet browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge or any Chromium-based browser by using the appropriate web store. Use your SolarWinds Passportal account login information.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) will proceed to your secondary device. Send a Push or enter a Two Factor code.

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Once logged in, access your credentials by clicking on the orange SolarWinds Passportal key icons. Use the search field to quickly locate credentials. Access My Vault, Company Vault, or Client Vault through the Credentials tab. 

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