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Passportal Attends ASCII Cup 2016

Exciting results as Passportal wins silver at the ASCII CUP awards in Newport, Rhode Island last week! The award was a result of all the votes from ASCII members throughout the year. Dan Wensely (President), and Christina Stewart (Marketing Communications Manager) were at the event collecting Passportal's silver medal.


Dan and Christina.png

ASCII is the largest membership of IT providers and integrators, with a network of 2,000+ IT Service Providers worldwide.  The voting results boost confidence in our sponsorship. Not only did we win silver at the year-end awards, but Passportal has collectively won the following awards throughout the year: 

       2016-ASCII-Award-Best-IT-Workshop.png    2016-ASCII-Award-Best-Security-Solution.png    2016-ASCII-Award-Best-Technical-Demo.png    Austin-ASCII-Award-Best-Security-Solution-Top.png

Dan Wensely has attended countless events in the past, so we asked him to speak about his experiences and how they have helped benefit him in the role he is currently in at Passportal. Below is Dan's response:

The picture below was taken 5 years ago at the ASCII cup event in Las Vegas. Out of the hundreds of events I have attended, and thousands of photos taken in my 20 year career in the IT Channel, this picture is by far the most special to me both personally and professionally. Of the 15 people in this photo, 10 of them remain my closest friends in the channel, one of them we sadly lost (we miss you Jean), and one of them is now my wife. Yes, it was quite a night! Five years later, attending thefinal ASCII summit of 2016, as I looked out over the crowd I was presenting to, 5 of these people were in the audience. 

Blog post ASCII picture.png

The story of why I was back on stage at the ASCII CUP in 2016 is a result of another picture taken that same night in Vegas. The photo below is of Colin Knox and I which was taken moments after wefirst met.  Despite the obvious wild ASCII Vegas party we were both enjoying that night, this was the moment when Colin introduced me to Passportal, which at the time, was a product that wouldn’t be released for another month (November 2011).  Five years later, Colin is my boss, and Passportal has over 1,000 Partners across 32 countries.  That was one hell of a night in Vegas! 

Dan and Colin ASCII.png