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Passportal takes on all ASCII IT Success Summits in 2019: Are you going?

By Passportal Inc.

PC The Passportal Booth with Ryan & Leila

Get FREE entry to every ASCII Event! 

Use our special VIP Code in all-caps: 'PASSPORTAL' when registering for all ASCII events. This code will give you free entry* (a value of $1895) and will help us track our Passportalites out of all attendees! See an example below: 

VIP Code

*Limited to 25 tickets per event. Please call 1.888.870.7840 or email if you have any questions.

Image from iOS-2Passportal Keynote Presentation at 3:15pm Local Time!

Passportal presents on the second day at 3:15pm local time. Catch us educating MSPs on the importance of secure password management and IT documentation in prevention of a targeted data breach. Reminder to vote for us afterwards!

Get involved and VOTE!

Attendees will receive a ballot to vote for their favorite vendors at the conclusion of each event. Votes gathered throughout the 2019 season will be presented at the ASCII Cup Vendor Awards, held in Boston October 24-25. We strive to be the best-of-the-best in password management & IT documentation. Help us drive our message to all MSPs!

Passportal is eligible for the following categories:awards

  • Best Keynote Presentation
  • Most Innovative Solution
  • Best Market Opportunity
  • Best Partner Support
  • Best Channel Program
  • Best Revenue Generator
  • Best Partner Involvement
  • Top Distributor
  • Best of Show

Have a chance to WIN Passportal's booth prize

Drop by the Passportal booth and say, "Hello!" to one of our knowledge staff to learn about how your MSP can increase efficiency by implementing an unified solution of password security and documentation. Enter to win one of our hand-picked quirky OR extremely useful giveaways by entering your business card. Last year, we gave away a Batman Cowl Replica (pictured below). Take full advantage of all the sponsor giveaways, money, raffles and more!

BoothGiveAways  PC Passportal's Booth Giveway (left) // The ASCII Group (right)


Follow us for Passportal-ASCII updates

Keep an eye on our social media to find out what the giveaway is, who is attending, what our booth looks like, and anything or everything that's deemed awesome. Your picture may even make it on our wall if you're lucky - we do like taking lots of photos!

Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn and Instagram.

Find an ASCII IT Success Summit near you and register for *FREE access by using our VIP code "PASSPORTAL" today.Leila

See you there!

*Limited to 25 tickets per event. Please call 1.888.870.7840 or email if you have any questions.


Learn more about the Passportal product suite:
Ocular™ + docs, Blink™, or Site™


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