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Feature Release: Passportal Announces Ocular™ Runbooks Feature

Announcing Passportal’s hugely anticipated feature in the Ocular™ platform: Runbooks. Passportal partners can now export and print a single PDF file containing consolidated information such as a collection of articles, procedures, assets, passwords, and all other documentation.


Runbooks is available through the Import/Export area under Settings in the navigation bar in Ocular™.

Passportal partners can now generate runbooks with the following features and options:

  • Print quality and fully formatted PDF
  • Full Table of Contents with linking within the file
  • Logo branding on the cover page
  • All linked items are linked within the file
  • Option to generate for individual clients or multiple clients at once
  • Option to schedule recurring generation
  • Option to include or exclude any individual documents or types
  • Option to include credentials fully, or have the passwords masked
Learn how to access Runbooks in your Ocular™ account, view our knowledge base article here!

Runbooks Jan 2019

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