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Feature Release: Passportal Announces Ocular™ + docs Public Document Publishing

Announcing Passportal’s feature in the Ocular™ + docs platform: Public Document Publishing. Publishing Documents gives Passportal partners the ability to share documents with external users.

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The Publish Document feature in Ocular™ + docs allows your clients to access an article, document or instructions without an Ocular login account.

Publishing Documents Feature 1
Publish Document feature in Ocular™ + docs 

Within a document, Passportal partners can enable the Published toggle in the right-side information panel. Alternatively you can use the Actions context menu to publish a document without viewing it first.

Capture-4Actions panel (right) and Published toggle (left) 

Publish Document Options:

  • Within the Publish Document window, you can select who has the ability to view the document
  • By default it is accessible by anyone, however, you can limit this to people who have a specified password
  • You can make this link expire, providing access for a specific amount of time or number of views
  • Lastly, you can invite users to receive an access URL via email

Publishing Documents Feature 2Publish Document option panel

Learn how to use the Public Document Publishing feature in your Ocular™ + docs account in our knowledge base article here!

Publishing Documents Feature 4

A Published Document

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