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Feature Release: Passportal Announces Ocular™ + docs Integration with Continuum RMM

Announcing Passportal’s integration with Continuum RMM that allows Passportal partners to sync their device information directly into Ocular™ + docs.

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Passportal is excited to announce our newest integration with Continuum RMM. 

The Continuum RMM integration allows Passportal partners to sync their devices directly into Ocular™ + docs. Once the device is in Ocular™ + docs, partners can link them to other assets, articles, documents, or credentials. Technicians can also retrieve rich device data from within Ocular™ + docs, and launch remote sessions to the devices without having to jump back into the Continuum console.

Continuum RMM integration features include:

  • Sync Clients from Continuum RMM
  • Sync Devices from Continuum RMM
  • Audit the Device
  • Launch remote session
  • Perform software inventories on device
  • Hot link to Continuum portal

To learn how to setup the Continuum integration in your Ocular™ + docs account, see our knowledge base article here.


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