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Feature Friday: Marlon Dyck, Product Development Coordinator

[FEATURE FRIDAY | 2 MIN READ]  This #FeatureFriday, we are proud to showcase Marlon Dyck, Product Development Coordinator! Marlon has been with Passportal since 2015, and has since transitioned his role into Product Development. Marlon works closely with Colin Knox, Passportal's CEO, in order to help innovate and enhance our product suite. Continue reading below to find out how.


Marlon Dyck, 
Product Development Coordinator

Marlon understands Passportal’s Partners, having onboarded several partners in the beginning growth stages. He sees the major pain with trying to get technicians quick and controlled access to the credentials and information needed to manage client IT Systems.

His self-taught background has allowed him to pursue his passion for technology and for coding. The values that drive Marlon daily are his desire to solve problems and find new ways to improve himself and the product. Marlon works closely with the executive team at Passportal, the Quality Assurance and Partner Success teams.

When asked what he was most proud of in regards to his position Marlon responded, “The fact that we’ve been able to innovate at such an incredible pace with a very small team, and that I have the ability to work on solving problems that force me to look at things from a different perspective and learn something new!”

Fun fact about Marlon: Marlon holds a passion for travel, his last trip took him across the globe to Japan. In the future, he hopes to continue his travels and eventually live abroad (destination unknown).


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