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Feature Friday: Leila Amiralai, Partner Development Manager

[FEATURE FRIDAY | 2 MIN READ]  Passportal is proud to feature Partner Development Manager, Leila Amiralai, this #FeatureFriday. Leila brings over 15 years of sales experience to the Passportal team. With her energetic and positive nature, she is a dynamic sales super-woman who travels all over North America for Passportal. Continue reading to learn how we support #WomenInTech.


Leila Amiralai, 
Partner Development Manager

With an accomplished background in the Technology and Finance industries, Leila offers a unique combination of skills that have developed ambitiously and progressively. Leila is well-known for her “can-do” attitude, relationship building abilities, and for her drive for innovation and growth.

Leila recently joined the Passportal team and has demonstrated that her partners always come first. She believes in building a transparent and fair relationship with her partners. Leila has spent a significant amount of time out on the road, including being a part of ConnectWise’s event of the year, IT Nation 2018 (happening this month - November!), and if that wasn’t enough; Leila was chosen to fly to Raleigh for the day to present at the Datto Roadshow (during the event!) and back to IT Nation again. Wow, go, Leila, go! 

When asked what her biggest accomplishment was Leila responded, “Being a part of a determined, goal-driven, hard-working team, during the year-end, our entire team worked towards one big goal, blowing our numbers out of the water! We surpassed the goals we set, and I am so proud to be involved in a team that was successful." Leila is a prime example of how women can lead in tech and we recognize her determination and admire her knowledge in the field (#WomenInTech).

Fun fact about Leila: A few years back Leila successfully beat four grown men in an “all-you-can-eat-ribs” contest!


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