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Feature Friday: Kevin Barton, Quality Assurance Specialist

Passportal is proud to feature Quality Assurance Specialist, Kevin Barton, this #FeatureFriday. Kevin's tech-savvy skills help advance Passportal's products to ensure partner success. As the lead of the Quality Assurance team, Kevin has developed a QA program to help keep us current in today's industry. Continue reading to learn what tricks Kevin has up his sleeve. 


Kevin Barton, 
Quality Assurance Specialist

Kevin Barton is an accomplished tech professional who works harmoniously alongside Passportal's  developers and customer success teams. He began his role at Passportal two years ago within a customer success role and has transitioned to be Passportal’s first Quality Assurance Specialist. Now the lead of the QA team, Kevin adeptness for problem solving and critical thinking assists with product advancements and new innovations. When asked what he is most passionate about professionally, Kevin expressed his passion is to foster a relaxed and productive environment within his team. Kevin's ability to think outside the box adds tremendous value to our product workflow and as a jack-of-all trades, Kevin is also able to help write code when our developers need extra assistance.

The values that drive Kevin most are integrity, compassion and teamwork. Kevin remarks, “my passion lays with the ability to be able to stick to our word. When challenges occur, I use empathy to better understand. I will always lend a hand even when there are no hands left to lend; I will lend a foot.”

Fun fact about Kevin: Outside the office, Kevin holds a big passion for travel and playing poker. If he could travel the globe while playing poker - his life's dream would be complete.

Read more about 'Quality Assurance in an Agile Environment' and how we test our products here at Passportal in Kevin's article on the Passportal blog!


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