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Announcing Our Integration with Kaseya VSA and Kaseya BMS

[FEATURE RELEASE | 3 MIN READ]  We know you already have tools you use to run your IT service business. One of our major goals for SolarWinds® Passportal + Documentation Manager is to help promote an open ecosystem for MSPs—one that enables our products to work with your existing toolset.

To that end, we’re excited to announce the release of our integrations with Kaseya® VSA and Kaseya BMS.


If you use Kaseya BMS to manage your business or Kaseya VSA to remotely monitor and manage your customers’ IT, you can now sync information directly to SolarWinds Passportal + Documentation Manager.

Kaseya VSA

If you use Kaseya VSA for your RMM solution, you can now import and sync clients directly with SolarWinds Passportal + Documentation Manager.


Additionally, when you do, you have the option to import nearly all important asset information directly from Kaseya VSA to SolarWinds Passportal + Documentation Manager. Any changes to assets in Kaseya VSA will sync with your documentation in Passportal + Documentation Manager.


Learn more by reading the documentation here.

Kaseya BMS

With the Kaseya BMS integration, you can automatically import assets with purchase information, expiration dates, location information, and device information—such as IP and MAC address.


Additionally, you can import all your clients, contacts, and locations directly from BMS into SolarWinds Passportal + Documentation Manager. You can also set new clients to automatically sync between Kaseya BMS and SolarWinds Passportal + Documentation Manager as they’re created, and new users can be automatically imported to Passportal Pro.


Learn more by reading the documentation here.

Getting Started

You can use the new integrations today. Just visit the documentation for Kaseya VSA or Kaseya BMS to get started.

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