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Partner Success: How to Effectively Nurture and Cultivate Your Existing Client Base

By Stacey Geddes

Partner Success is a multifaceted approach to building loyalty and maintaining the pulse of your company. An effective team educates, communicates, and responds with authenticity.   

1) Education: When a client joins your product do they know what it can do? Have they seen the full offering beyond their use case? This is where your partner success team comes in. They can take the time to get to know your new client and what they are needing from your service. They can then educate the partner in how you are the best product to not only meet but exceed their needs. You are the product that will meet the need now and grow easily with them. Education = Second Sales or enhanced product offerings. Touching base with clients at all stages of their life cycle provides opportunities for future education and growth.  

2) Onboarding and Integration: Your partner success team is the driving force behind getting your clients educated on the software and implemented. Having a team dedicated to bringing a client into the software and having it explained its key to limiting frustrations and support tickets at the time of implementation. Offering this service as part of the offering adds value and shows your commitment to your product – beyond the bottom dollar. Fully supported and smooth implementation = happy clients who feel valued.

3) Support: Part of success is answering the tickets that come in and recognizing the opportunity they provide. Foremost tickets are time sensitive and clients see the time to a response as an indicator of their value to you.  You can just answer a question and move on with your day and not garner any benefit or loss. Alternatively, you can open a dialogue regarding what caused the issue, how to resolve it and most importantly ask if they have any other questions or concerns. Ask questions with sincerity and acknowledge their time and contributions. Every touch point is an opportunity to build loyalty and cultivate growth.   

4) Communication and Transparency:  No one ever likes to be left in the dark in life or in business. This is key when thinking of your client base. If you don’t know what is happening – or where a service is going, then you are not likely to remain loyal. In the market today, loyalty often goes as far as the bottom dollar. If you have a partner success team reaching out and interacting with your clients on a regular basis being transparent with them in our mutual struggles or growth – it builds a sense of community or partnership. Business is transacting but the reciprocity of transparency can save a client even before they know they are a churn risk. Having a client reach out with an issue and have the response be empathetic, authentic, helpful and transparent even if not solved is critical to maintaining that reciprocity. If you don’t know how to support a client concern and you are authentic in not only delivering that message but in also committing to getting it resolved you show humility, integrity and respect.

5) Partner Success: The team that communicates, educates, integrates and supports your clients. This team is key to cultivating your business and transacting with these points in mind will ensure a healthy engaged client base who are invested in not only their business – but yours.


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Stacey GeddesPartner Success Specialist

Stacey Geddes is a Partner Success Specialist who knows Passportal's products inside and out. She supports our partners with on boarding, technical support, best practices, as well as, works on digital content to better support our partners.

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