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How MSPs Can Use Security to Avoid Commoditization and Grow Their Business

Art Gross is the CEO and co-founder of Secure Now! and an MSP called, Entegration Inc., founded in 2000 with a strong focus on healthcare clients. He is an Information Technology professional and entrepreneur who showcases a strong aptitude of technical, business, communication and leadership qualities.

Secure Now! provides security services to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Secure Now! offers an unique combination of employee training, security assessments, policies and procedures - combined with financial protection and breach response services makes us a leader in the SMB security market. Their products, HIPAA Secure Now! and Breach Secure Now! help SMBs across multiple industries protect sensitive information and minimize the chance of data breaches.

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In an age where businesses are moving their data from in-house servers to the cloud...

The complexity of how to appropriately care for that data is beginning to disappear. Although that may not sound like a bad problem to have for those organizations making the move, MSPs who were once extremely sought after to protect those businesses are starting to become a commodity. With so many MSPs out there and a diminishing number of prospects who see the value and need for their service, how do you ensure that your MSP is chosen to provide service to a potential client over the countless others competing for business?

Let’s face it, MSPs are being judged on price. You can offer your services for what you feel to be a great deal, but if Joe’s IT down the street is offering the same service for $10 cheaper per hour or $3 cheaper per employee per month, then Joe’s IT is getting the contract.

Beat Commoditization Through Differentiation 

It’s not easy to acquire new clients or keep the clients you do have when you’re competing with other MSPs solely based on price. To be successful in the cloud-era and beyond, MSPs must differentiate themselves from their competitors, but how? The answer is through security.

To differentiate your MSP from Joe’s IT, you need to sell something that Joe isn’t selling! Why not make security your differentiator?

The Cloud Doesn’t Affect the Need for Security 

Whether your client or prospect has their data stored locally on a server or sitting in the cloud, the need for security is present – and it’s not going away!

Let’s look at email security, for example. Regardless if emails are hosted on an email server or in Office 365, all employees should still be using strong passwords. The need for healthy password practices doesn’t go away because the emails are stored in the cloud.

Security – the Tool to Grow Your Business 

To differentiate your business, you need to prove that there is a need for what’re you’re selling. Unfortunately, many SMBs don’t believe they need security because “breaches only happen to big corporations.” False. According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 58% of malware attack victims are categorized as small businesses.

To grow your business by using security as your differentiator, you need to prove to SMBs that security is their concern. Giving them statistics on data breaches happening to small businesses may scare them but proving to them that security is their concern is what will really get their attention.

Show SMBs Why They Need to Worry   

Using the right tools, you can show a client or prospect what could potentially happen to their organization if an employee makes a mistake. Do this by running a Dark Web scan or a Simulated-Phishing attack. Show the SMB which of their employees have already been involved in a data breach and what information was compromised in that breach to help them get a better understanding of what risk that employee poses to their organization. Similarly, by running a Simulated-Phishing attack, you can show your client or prospect which of their employees took the bait and could have  put their company at major risk of falling victim to an attack such as ransomware.

By using these types of tools, you are quantifying the risks to an SMB and proving they exist!
Every MSP is going to be speaking to potential clients about the services they provide. For you to stick out in a competition driven by prices, you must provide more value to your clients or prospects than your competitors.

By differentiating your MSP with security, you can sell a higher level of service than your competition and thus, grow your business the way you intended to. But remember, SMBs aren’t likely to see the risk unless you SHOW them. Use the right prospecting tools to turn your MSP into the obvious choice. 


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Art Gross, President & CEO, Secure Now!
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