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How Are You Securing Your Login?

[EVENTS | 4 MIN READ]  Today marks World Password Day and we pose a simple question; how are you securing your login? As an MSP, it is crucial to assess the way you are managing your MSP's and your client's credentials and privileged information. MSP security is client security. With that said, are you comfortable telling your clients how you store and manage access to their network systems? Continue reading to learn 4 quick tips on how to enforce security within your own MSP.

TIP 1: Password Access Control & Automation

MSPs, are you ready to take a second look at your security service offering? After coverage of the US Justice Department preparing charges against hackers targeting MSPs and RMMs, it begs the question, "why wait?". Threats exist for the MSP from external and internal sources, and it is time learn about them. Whether it is an external hacker or rogue employee, exfiltration can happen through a number of angles. 

Access management is vital for prevention. Implement a system that centralizes your client's sensitive information and manages all user permissions on a granular level. Having one secure hub that allows for auditing capabilities provides the visibility on who has access to what. Take power back from the unknown and malpractice within your own MSP. Never use a default password again (ie. PASSWORD or ADMIN). With a strong 16-character password generator, combined automation and self-service password reset capabilities, how can you go wrong?

TIP 2: Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

MSPs, double-up on your security. Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) in order to prevent unauthorized access to your network system accounts. Strong authentication is needed for MSPs who scale and build their businesses on reducing risk for their clients. An MFA solution is now a part of a complete managed services offering, implement this today. Not sold? Learn 4 key benefits MSPs get when they leverage a powerful multi-factor authentication solution.

TIP 3: Privileged Knowledge Management

By controlling permissions and standardizing the client documentation process within a single, centralized console allows technicians to leverage security and automation to rapidly access the client knowledge they need to provide effective support. This, in turn, improves client satisfaction, services become more profitable, and compliance is made easy to any necessary data regulation set upon your MSP. Regardless of technician turnover, your team will be able to maintain consistent service delivery for your client base at any given time.

TIP 4: Monitor & Advance Auditing

Client data is the most valuable and vulnerable asset an MSP maintains, and your team has unencumbered access to it all. As a result, your clients deserve and need to know how their information is being handled. Plain text files, spreadsheets, and RMM's - no more. Beyond the guessing of "what happened when", leverage an advanced knowledge auditing tool to unlock the necessary insights into usage and activity within your own MSP. Monitor your MSP just as you do for your clients. 

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