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Four signs your business needs an automated password reset tool

By SolarWinds Passportal

Automated password reset tools, which are sometimes included in centralized password management solutions, are becoming increasingly popular as managed services providers (MSPs) become aware of the advantages associated with offering them to their customers. Password reset requests are among the most common tickets received by support technicians and help desks, consuming a significant amount of time that could otherwise be spent on more pressing tasks. 

A client password management solution with a password reset utility can increase customer satisfaction, free up time for technicians, and give your MSP an advantage over the competition. This article will outline the advantages of MSPs offering a self-reset password service and provide examples of scenarios that might indicate a reset tool could save you time and money. 

The advantages of using a self-reset password service

To illustrate exactly why you should consider taking advantage of an automated password reset tool, each of the following advantages will be accompanied by an example of a specific situation in which your MSP could benefit from such a tool. 

1. Productivity 

If your costs are adding up quickly because of the sheer number of tickets you receive, or your technicians are becoming bored and frustrated by spending so much of their time on tedious, elementary tasks, then a password reset tool can help. 

An MSP password reset tool can have a positive impact on productivity by helping to ensure your customers can get back up and running within a few minutes of being locked out or forgetting a password. Without the benefit of a password reset tool, forgotten passwords and user lockouts can lead to unnecessary downtime or reduced productivity, forcing customers to submit a help desk ticket and wait every time it happens. According to Gartner Group, nearly 40% of all help desk calls are related to passwords. Despite being simple to perform, the sheer volume of password reset requests can quickly drain a help desk’s time and resources. 

With the right automated password reset tool, customers can request a reset in one or two clicks to unlock their account. This means less customer downtime spent waiting for support to assist with password resets. Your technician team can also devote more time toward performing other important, value-adding tasks. Some solutions—like SolarWinds® Passportal Blink—allow MSP end users to perform a reset from their mobile device, meaning they can unlock their account from almost anywhere they have internet access. 

2. Simplicity and flexibility 

If you find your business receives a lot of out-of-hours password reset tickets, a password reset tool can offer you increased flexibility and simplicity, helping to ensure your end users aren’t locked out of their accounts. 

A key benefit of leveraging a centralized password management solution that offers self-service password resets is that it will be available to end users outside of office hours, on a 24/7 basis. This is especially useful for customers with distributed teams, or teams that work outside of typical business hours, because this allows them to conduct a password reset whenever needed—whether due to long hours or time differences. 

This flexibility and simplicity is also perfect for customers who are busy and don’t have time to submit a help desk ticket request. MSPs that don’t offer a password reset tool are forced to make end users wait until a support technician is available to answer their request. The longer they’re made to wait, the more likely it is that they will become dissatisfied with your service and consider one of your competitors as an alternative. Offering a password reset tool not only saves your support team time, but also helps keep your end users happy and productive. This assures users they won’t be stranded without access to their websites and applications simply because they forgot their password. 

3. Revenue 

If you’re looking for a new service offering that may help you increase your revenue, a password reset tool is a cost-effective, low-risk option. 

End user password reset tools can also provide MSPs with an additional source of revenue. A sophisticated and effective password reset tool could justify an MSP increasing the price of their services, which can improve return on investment, boost revenue, and differentiate your business from the competition. Many customers will be willing to pay for the convenience and flexibility of a self-service option. Alternatively, if you don’t want to charge for a password reset service, you can still potentially increase revenue simply by increasing technician efficiency with self-service resets—thus allowing your technicians to resolve more tickets and serve more customers. 

4. Security

If you want to increase your password security measures but are concerned about your end users becoming frustrated, a password reset tool can help you achieve this. 

A reliable end user password reset tool allows you to increase and improve security measures without inconveniencing your users. By allowing end users to conduct password resets themselves in a matter of seconds, MSPs can justify implementing stricter password and security policies and requirements without risking end users becoming frustrated or overwhelmed. Many password reset tools are also able to offer advanced security in the form of multiple password authentication methods. This might include biometric authentication or multi-factor authentication, helping ensure that end user password reset applications aren’t vulnerable to cyberattack. 

Keep customers happy with Passportal Blink 

If any of the above scenarios struck a chord with you, consider adopting an automated password reset tool like SolarWinds Passportal Blink. Blink serves as a self-service password reset tool for platforms and systems like Microsoft, Windows, Azure AD, and Microsoft 365. Blink even serves as a password reset Active Directory self-service tool. This convenient mobile application allows users to reset their own passwords at any time, without having to contact their MSP help desk and wait for a support technician. 

If locked out, Passportal Blink will send users a push notification to their device. The user is then prompted to open the Blink application and authenticate themselves. The password authentication methods give you the option of using touch ID for biometric authentication. Once authenticated, the user clicks the reset password button and a countdown begins, giving the user 60 seconds to receive their new password. 

The MSP license for the Blink application can serve up to 10,000 end users—which means the more end users who decide to implement Blink, the higher your return on investment. As well as being a sell-through product, Blink can also be offered to customers for free—it’s up to you to decide the business model that works best for you. To schedule a demo today and explore how Passportal and the Blink add-on might work for you, find out more here []. 

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