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4 Key Benefits of Using Secure Cloud Document Management

By SolarWinds MSP

It would be an understatement to say cloud computing has changed enterprise IT. With 94% of enterprises already using at least one cloud service and 83% of all enterprise workloads occurring in the cloud, it’s clear this technology has had a revolutionary impact on the way companies do business. What’s more, it has impacted the way employees execute their responsibilities and the way managed services providers (MSPs) deliver valuable services to their clients. 

As businesses of various sizes look for ways to leverage cloud computing, MSPs should be prepared to utilize the kind of tools that will allow their customers to reap the benefits of this game-changing technology. From improved IT infrastructure to mission-critical platforms, cloud computing allows businesses to use sophisticated, off-site technology to their advantage. This is especially important for MSPs, as many small and mid-sized clients may not have the resources to bring these capabilities in-house on their own.

With secure cloud document management, for example, MSPs can take advantage of the power of the cloud to better serve their customers with well-organized corporate knowledge. However, it’s important to note moving documentation to the cloud can do more than just help with organization. As we’ll discuss further in this article, MSPs that take advantage of cloud-based IT documentation software can act with greater flexibility, improve their cybersecurity posture, and cut unnecessary costs throughout their organization.

How do MSPs stand to benefit from cloud document management?

While secure cloud document management has the potential to change workflows for the better, it’s critical MSPs find a documentation platform uniquely suited to their needs. By investing in the right platform, MSPs can put their best foot forward with customers by implementing a reliable cloud document management strategy. Here are four ways MSPs can benefit when they find a cloud document management tool that meets their unique requirements.

1. Improved efficiency 

At its core, cloud document management is about streamlining the storage and use of institutional knowledge. By leveraging the efficiency of cloud computing and off-site storage, MSPs can keep valuable client documents, credentials, and other information in a centralized, secure location. This investment ensures that what were once disparate pools of institutional knowledge are consolidated, making it easier to act on and control. Centralizing documentation in a platform available to all technicians will help save time and enable teams to provide consistent service to customers.

Moving these processes to a cloud-enabled platform enables clients to reap several organizational benefits beyond what an on-site option would offer. Putting document management in the cloud allows businesses a greater deal of organizational flexibility because cloud storage is uniquely scalable. This scalability means the right documentation solution can grow with the changing needs of your MSP, based on current business needs. Freed from investing in actual, on-premises hardware, cloud-supported businesses pay for only the space they need based on their current customer base.

On a similar note, cloud document management can be set up quickly and without much hassle. Because the platform is cloud-based, MSPs need not worry about hardware set-up, software installation, and other configurations. Instead, they can quickly tap into the documentation platform capabilities they need as soon as they’re able to integrate it into their workflows.

2. Help demonstrate regulatory compliance 

Effectively managing institutional knowledge is already a difficult task. However, for many businesses, documentation is made more complex by state, federal, and international regulations that dictate how to track, store, and treat all types of information—ranging from customer data to internal communications. Accordingly, good documentation management platforms should be able to account for these specific needs, which often differ from one industry to the next.

Secure cloud document management is a must for this kind of specific client need. With the right platform, MSPs can set retention policies and exercise granular control over who has access to certain information. By storing documents, credentials, and other information in a single, off-site location, customers can be sure their institutional knowledge is handled responsibly. 

3. Streamlined cybersecurity defenses

Secure cloud document management offers MSPs peace of mind, especially when it comes to sensitive client information that must be protected for the sake of their business and their reputation. By utilizing a secure cloud document management platform, MSPs ensure most of the cybersecurity best practices are built-in, from per document access control to multi-factor authentication.

Additionally, the kind of off-site set-up intrinsic to secure cloud document management is ideal for companies worried about business continuity in the event of a natural disaster. Even if key business locations are forced offline because of a crisis, they will at least know mission-critical information is securely stored on the cloud. When it’s time to begin bringing operations back online, this infrastructure can make the process faster and less costly for affected organizations. 

4. Control IT costs

With the right IT documentation software, MSPs can better manage institutional knowledge without paying extravagantly for storage. By utilizing cloud document management, organizations will be able to count on the cost savings of moving to cloud computing infrastructure without having to make direct investments themselves.

For example, MSPs won’t have to worry about purchasing expensive hardware, maintaining staff exclusively to manage that hardware, and securing space for extensive on-site computing infrastructure. By relying on a streamlined and off-site, cloud-enabled option, businesses can secure sophisticated documentation management without having to worry about overspending. Instead, they can handle their growing pool of institutional knowledge with streamlined tools. 

Which platform is right for your MSP business?

For MSPs that rely on robust documentation to empower efficient technician operations, it’s important to invest in the best possible tools for the job. Having the right documentation platform at hand can help ensure that your staff has easy access to all the resources they need to provide critical IT services in a timely and cost-effective manner.  

With SolarWinds® Passportal + Documentation Manager, MSPs can do just that. Standardized client documentation and streamlined incident resolution tools help ensure your employees have the information they need when they need it. And with customizable templates on a platform built specifically for MSPs, you can rest easy knowing your team is properly equipped to handle any issues that may arise with the same consistent service delivery your customers have come to expect.

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