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Feature Friday: Fei Gao, Software Developer

[FEATURE FRIDAY | 3 MIN READ]  This #FeatureFriday, Passportal is proud to feature Fei Gao, Software Developer. Fei completed her undergraduate degree in Sciences at the University of Alberta in 2015 with a concentration in Biochemistry. Fei’s drive and dedication allowed her to change careers from lab-tech to in-tech! As a self-taught software developer, Fei joins the Passportal team to advance our products and ensures a user-friendly experience. 


Fei Gao, Software Developer

Fei has an immense interest for web development that motivated her to learn various programming languages over the years. In her spare time, Fei built a fitness app to keep track of training and record data without the hassle of taking a pen and notebook to the gym. Fei is passionate about keeping up her knowledge in technology and enjoys being a part of a hands-on team that concentrates on developing user-friendly products to satisfy the end user.

When asked how she likes working at Passportal, Fei responded, “The team here is extremely friendly and supportive. Working at a growing company, I have the ability to learn Passportal's software quickly, but it also challenges me to problem solve on a daily basis. This, in return, allows me to get familiar with the product more thoroughly."

Fei continues, "Passportal thrives on feedback, so it’s been a great experience for me to receive constructive feedback daily from my colleagues. Personally, I appreciate the mental stimulation the tech industry brings where I can face divergent problems to solve on a daily basis. I enjoy the sense of achievement after tackling a challenge and looking back to realize what I’ve learned throughout the process.”

Fun fact about Fei; When she is not at work, Fei enjoys skiing, indoor climbing, hiking and watching movies. One spontaneous evening, Fei drove to Elk Island National Park in the middle of the night to watch the northern lights! Talk about being adventurous! 



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