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Feature Release: Your Mobile Experience Just Got Better

[FEATURE RELEASE | 3 MIN READ]  If you currently use the SolarWinds® Passportal mobile app, then we have some exciting news—we’ve released one of our most highly requested features. Now, you have the option to autofill both apps and websites with the appropriate user credentials without needing to open the SolarWinds® Passportal app. This feature is built to make it easier for you to quickly and securely access the apps and services you need and boost your productivity throughout the day.  

The autofill feature is available for iOS 12+ and Android 8+. Read the documentation here.


How It Works

To get started, make sure you have our mobile application installed. From there, simply go to the app or website you want to access and pull up the keyboard

Figure 1: Choose the Fields for the Service

You’ll be prompted with an option to select your password. Your device, the Apple iPhone in this example, will prompt you with the option to choose a password from Passportal. Note that you can still choose to use personal credentials stored on your phone via its native password storage feature.  

Figure 2: Select Passportal

Once you’ve selected the Passportal option, it will autofill the form. Additionally, you can visit the Passportal app at any time to check which apps or services you’re currently logged into.

Figure 3: Completed Form


Figure 4: View Authenticated Apps

Get Started Today – Learn More About the Mobile App! 

If you don’t already have it, download the SolarWinds® Passportal app today from the App Store or from Google Play.

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