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Feature Friday: Desraie Thomas, Partner Development Manager

[FEATURE FRIDAY | 2 MIN READ]  This #FeatureFriday, Passportal is proud to highlight Desraie Thomas, Partner Development Manager. As one of Passportal's most senior managers, Desraie travels with Passportal internationally to meet and educate our MSP partners on secure password and IT documentation management. Learn how Desraie brings vibrancy to the Partner Development team and inspires everyone around her with her great sense of humor and delicious home cooking. 


Desraie Thomas, Partner Development Manager

Desraie Thomas is an accomplished and successful sales professional at Passportal, who has demonstrated exceptional market success! Bringing over a decade of client management and sales development experience within multiple industries, Desraie is known for her focus on customer success through the development of long-term relationships. With a background in the telecommunications industry, she has a comprehensive understanding of the technology industry and the IT Channel. Her role as Partner Development Manager at Passportal takes her out on the road where she has built life-long relationships with countless individuals in the Channel!

Fun fact about Desraie; throughout the years Desraie has traveled to 34 countries with plans of continued travel. Desraie averages reading a hundred pages an hour, some weekends reading four entire novels. When asked how many booked she has read in her lifetime the number was in the thousands!


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