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Feature Friday: Dan Johnston, Senior Software Engineer

[FEATURE FRIDAY | 2 MIN READ]  This #FeatureFriday, Passportal is proud to feature Dan Johnston! Dan works closely alongside the Development, Partner Success, and Quality Assurance teams within the role of Senior Software Engineer. Having worked in the field for over 20 years, Dan made his way into the industry by way of a CO-OP program, which allows students to gain industry experience while learning the theory and being hirable post-graduation. 


Dan Johnston, 
Senior Software Engineer

Dan is one of the many members of the Passportal team who dedicates his time to help build and shape Passportal’s platform. Dan is complimented most on his clear and testable systems that stand the test of time. The problems he continually solves for our partners are improving their business workflow by way of automation and integration within our system.

When asked to describe his core values and how they inform his career Dan responded, “Tenacity; if you travel down a rabbit hole of a particular solution and it turns out nonviable, then being able to reset and investigate other techniques is critical." Additionally, Dan advocates the value of being, "Technology Agnostic; it is imperative to not get set in one’s ways of approaching problems as the same mode of solving them may not be viable across the board. Being flexible allows one to grow professionally and be more effective at their work.”

Fun fact about Dan: Dan finds balance within his daily routine by biking to and from work, even in the cold winter months. He stands by a, “work hard, play harder” attitude, between his role at Passportal Dan spends his time raising a family and maintaining his several homes. As Dan would say, “efficiency is key!” 


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