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Cyber Security Awareness Month Continues!

By Passportal Blogger

  1. Cyber security culture takes time and care:
    • A culture needs to be built organically which take more time and effort than one may predict. Investing in the right people and resources for you organization will allow the overall cyber security culture to be maintained long term. The primary end goal being to foster small changes daily that create an overall impact which bolsters security. A strong security platform interacts with day-to-day procedures, and with how our employees perform their daily tasks.
  1. Return on investment:
    • Our team attends various security awareness briefings where they learn the latest technology advances that help them stay knowledgeable. Our executive team encourages our staff to take the time to self-educate within areas of interest and expertise. Not only does the time spent attending various conferences and briefings cost the company money, it is viewed as a security investment which helps improve overall knowledgebase and lower vulnerabilities. Within our employee manual we provide each every member of our team the opportunity to educate themselves. Passportal provides the opportunity for employees to advance their studies, which sends a positive message to the entire organization.
  1. Recognize and reward positive security practice:
    • Having a motivator in place which rewards individuals for their positive security practices ensures employees remember and practice the security lessons learned. This concept streams from a motivator being a return on investment, investing into our employees branches out into an overall investment into our own company culture. Recognition and positive reinforcement builds community within an organization, security brings everyone together. Cyber security is a “we” problem versus a “me” problem which can only be conquered through a close tied security community.
  1. Make security fun:
    • Making security fun within your organization is important in order to sustain security culture long term. Avoiding long and drawn out boring training sessions is the first step in the right direction. Hosting both interactive and engaging security session helps maintain Passportal culture while also educating.

Having the right cyber security culture in place is the first step in the right direction. The importance of cybersecurity in the workplace is everyone’s business. Stay tuned this month for daily tips and facts on our social media pages!

The importance of cybersecurity in the workplace is everyone’s business. Stay tuned this month for daily tips and facts on our social media pages!



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