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Feature Friday: Braeden Robak, Software Developer

[FEATURE FRIDAY | 2 MIN READ]  This #FeatureFriday, Passportal is proud to feature one of our newest Software Developers, Braeden Robak. Braeden joined Passportal after recently completing a degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering. Diving right into the emerging technology scene, Braeden is driven by an immense passion for software after working independently on various projects for both personal and public/open source. He is eager to enhance Passportal products for our partners and has been a strong addition to the team.


Braeden Robak, Software Developer

When asked what problems Braeden consistently solves for Passportal partners, he responded, “I tackle a variety of projects that primarily pertain to our two mobile apps; Blink and Ocular™. I have been working closely alongside the Ocular Mobile App since I started at Passportal. I’m driven by the desire to improve, learn, and continue to problem solve no matter how big the challenge.”

In his spare time, Braeden enjoys working on his side hustle developing video games. He enjoys all angles both the development side and playing the game himself. One of his biggest accomplishments has been the release of his very first mobile arcade video game called, "Planet Wars" in the Android and Apple app store. Although the popularity of the game has not allowed Braeden to quit his day job, it has been one of his most exciting moments! Braeden enjoyed going through the full process of conception to release as the sole developer, along with seeing the game in the hands of the public.

Fun fact about Braeden; Slowly but surely, Braeden is teaching himself how to play the violin through online resources! He has family who lives in Nicaragua and has visited the country on several occasions.


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