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Feature Friday: Ben Dowson, Lead Software Developer

[FEATURE FRIDAY | 2 MIN READ]  Passportal is proud to showcase Ben Dowson, Lead Software Developer, this #FeatureFriday. As Passportal's right-hand developer, Ben has been an integral part of the development team that built the Ocular™ platform. Continue reading to learn what code-mastery Ben brings to the team.


Ben Dowson, 
Lead Software Developer

Ben was one of Passportal's first developers in 2015 and has been the lead ever since. Ben has been coding for over a decade and, as a self-taught programmer, his true passion lies within technology and programming. Ben is a code-wizard and takes pride in ensuring his code is clean and consistent. The values that drive Ben daily are self-improvement and getting the job done!

When asked what problems he enjoys solving most, Ben responded, “every project is different but I enjoy solving everything from building web applications from the ground up, to being dropped into an existing application while hitting the ground running.” Ben has seen first-hand growth of Passportal, and understands the value of the Ocular™ platform suite for MSPs, knowing wholeheartedly it will continue to expand at a rapid rate (and a lot more code to write!).

Fun fact about Ben: Outside of work Ben holds a passion for fitness, he takes pride in a balanced health and fitness routine. Ben is also an avid music fan, attending various festivals and concerts throughout the years.


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