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Traveling? Protecting Customers from Cybercriminals on the Road

[SECURITY | 4 MIN READ]  These days, people bring work with them on the road. When they visit the beach, they check and respond to email on their cell phones. They pound away on the keyboard, writing reports at the airport. They work on board presentations between sessions at conferences or plan the budget from the local Starbucks offering Wi-Fi access for the price of a pumpkin spice latte. 

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Warning: Stop Saying “iloveyou”

[SECURITY | 4 MIN READ]  “I love you” is a phrase you should reserve for your loved ones, not your password field! We get it. We love our technology and we can't live without it, but as a managed services provider (MSP) you need to make sure your customers make an effort to stop using “iloveyou” as their password. Let me tell you why.

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MSPs, How Are You Securing Your Login?

[SECURITY | 4 MIN READ]  As a managed services provider (MSP), it is crucial to assess the way you are managing both your client's credentials and privileged information and your own. MSP security is client security. With that said, are you comfortable telling your clients how you store and manage access to their network systems? Here are four quick tips to help you enforce security within your own MSP.

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A Letter to the MSP Community from Passportal's CEO

[PASSPORTAL INSIGHTS | 4 MIN READ]   The IT Channel was advised yesterday that IT Glue was acquired by Kaseya roughly two years ago.  We have long respected IT Glue as a fellow channel vendor, and for the past year as a competitor in the documentation management category.  We welcome the continued competition with them now as a Kaseya company.

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