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What to Do When Your Technician Leaves

[SECURITY | 4 MIN READ] Combining a habit of documenting policies with strong password security practices means a departing technician won’t disrupt your service coverage.

Tech Leaving

Employee turnover is rarely good news for any company’s operations, but turnover can become an especially pressing issue for managed services providers (MSPs) and managed security services providers (MSSPs), whose reputations depend on avoiding gaps in service.

When account administrators move on, they often take the repository of account-specific knowledge and know-how they’ve built up with them. This can lead to two major concerns. First, departing admins often leave behind big shoes to fill—causing MSPs and MSSPs to frantically scramble to get new hires up to speed. Second, employees often have access to passwords for accounts containing sensitive information.

If you’re thinking there must be an efficient way to onboard new hires while also keeping customer data secure, you’re correct. The answer? Documentation and password managers.

What Is documentation and why is it important?

Simply put, IT documentation refers to the process of documenting various practices and procedures. There are a number of reasons IT documentation is important—primary among them is it helps standardize practices, protocols, and policies for account managers and technicians. Standardization leads to consistent and reliable service coverage for your customers. Documentation also makes it easier to complete tasks and resolve issues by providing clear guidelines for how to proceed based on well-established tactics and procedures.

Having a robust IT documentation system in place means, no matter who is assigned to a specific task or account, the tasks and issues that arise will be carried out or addressed in the same manner. This results in several benefits, including quicker resolution times, fewer errors, lower training costs, and the ability to set better SLAs—all of which contribute to providing best-in-class service for your customers.

If you’re curious about how to establish good IT documentation processes, the first steps are being clear, attentive, and thorough. If you’re documenting manually, this often means including README files that contain short, contextual descriptions of projects and processes, along with brief examples or tutorials. The other option is to use IT documentation software—which allows you to store company manuals and knowledge in a centralized location to reduce internal tickets, increase searchability, and free up technicians to devote their time to challenges requiring more creative strategic thinking.

Standardized offboarding protocol and password managers

It’s also a good idea for IT documentation to cover security protocols in the event an employee leaves the company. A standardized checklist of action items can include things like revoking security privileges, removing password access to any systems, and retrieving key cards. Steps like these help ensure you can better protect your customer accounts from liability issues.

This is also where password managers come into the picture. You should already be using a password management system for added efficiency and security, but they also help to prevent potential gaps in service coverage by ensuring a former employee isn’t the only one who knows the login credentials for certain accounts.

Not only that, password management systems like SolarWinds® Passportal + Documentation Manager help keep account passwords complex and difficult to hack. These applications also allow you to track which employees have made certain changes. This holds technicians more accountable for their actions and ensures employees are on their best game to maintain security standards.

Passportal helps to increase the efficiency of your team of technicians by combining password management and documentation capabilities into the same application. Add in multiple security measures—such as encryption and multifactor authentication—and you’re already well on your way to establishing and maintaining a strong line of defense to keep your customers’ data safe and protected.

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