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Feature Friday: Aruna Radhakrishnan, Quality Assurance Specialist

[FEATURE FRIDAY | 2 MIN READ]  This #FeatureFriday, Passportal is proud to feature Aruna Radhakrishnan, Quality Assurance Specialist. Aruna has been part of the Passportal team for 6 months, joining Kevin Barton as his right-hand man - or woman, we might add. Learn why Aruna loves working within a Quality Assurance role and how it aids Passportal partners. 


Aruna Radhakrishnan, Quality Assurance Specialist

Aruna has recently relocated countries from the States to Canada (originally from India), marking Passportal the first company she joined after the move. Aruna's background consists of completing a Bachelors in Instrumentation Engineering followed by a Master’s in Computer Information Systems. Aruna started working in IT right after she completed her Bachelor’s degree, she worked as a Software QA Analyst for nearly 5 years in India before her move to North America. 

Aruna enjoys working within a Quality Assurance role as it allows her to be the final check before a product gets into the hands of Passportal partners. She feels a sense of responsibility to ensure our partners are receiving the best version of our product. The values that drive Aruna are compassion and kindness, she believes that taking the time to show kindness goes a long way not only in business, but also in personal scenarios.

When asked what she is most complimented on in her workplace, Aruna responded, “My ability for comprehensiveness when I am testing a particular feature or product. I enjoy dedicating time to testing products and features from all angles. I have been applauded - and definitely high-fived - by my superiors and colleagues for my attention to detail."

Aruna concludes, "I really love being apart of such a fun team, this is my first job after moving to Canada from the United States and it’s been a great experience so far!”

Fun fact about Aruna; Years down the road Aruna hopes to one day own a clothing boutique in her hometown. One of Aruna’s biggest accomplishments has been completing her Masters Degree while raising a baby!



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