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MSPs Vote Passportal Most Innovative Solution at ASCII Success Summit

[EVENTS | 3 MIN READ]  Passportal has been voted the “Most Innovative Solution” at the most recent ASCII Success Summit. More than 120 managed service providers (MSPs) attended the event, which took place in Denver, Colorado, last week.

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The MSP Summer Treat Wave is Back for Another Summer of Sweet Scoops

[EVENTS | 3 MIN READ]  Get involved and join the MSP Summer Treat Wave!

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Recent Attacks on MSPs: What You Need to Know

[SECURITY | 4 MIN READ]  Cybercriminals have increasingly learned the value of attacking MSPs. If they compromise one MSP, they can potentially unlock a gold mine of data or ransom payments from the MSP’s customer bases. Beyond that, many MSPs are small businesses with busy teams who often can’t be as vigilant about security as large organizations with dedicated security teams. 

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