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Feature Friday: AJ Suurhoff, Partner Success Specialist

[FEATURE FRIDAY | 2 MIN READ]  This #FeatureFriday, Passportal is proud to highlight Partner Success Specialist; AJ Suurhoff! AJ has been with Passportal since July 2018 and has worked in MSP’s since 2014. Learn how this friendly face - and friendly voice, we might add - supports and educates Passportal's MSP partners.


AJ Suurhoff, Partner Success Specialist

AJ holds a diploma in Program Networking and a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Information Systems Technology. Bringing a wide range of skill sets to the table, AJ worked on the MSP side for years, which gave him the knowledge to fully support and understand Passportal partners. Prior to joining the Passportal family, AJ worked with Passportal’s CEO, Colin Knox, at Colin's original MSP and began his career as a student intern.

When asked what values drive him, AJ responded, “I like to ensure that our partners are happy with the work we are doing, and strive to ensure that all partners see the value in the support I am able to provide. I do my best in listening to the partners, and always assure them their feedback is appreciated and will get voiced back to the executive team.”

When asked what problems he solves for his partners on a day-to-day basis, AJ responded, “A lot of the problems I solve for our partners are training them how to use the tool, and ensuring that their integrations and third party apps work well with our software. I am complimented on my response time to tickets and working with the partner until an issue is fully resolved and working to their satisfaction.”

On the personal side of things, AJ is most passionate about travel, having spent time in Africa, Hawaii and Vegas. Recently, AJ flew across the pond to attend Oktoberfest. Having purchased his first home at the age of 25, AJ has been “adulting” for several years now!

Fun fact about AJ; He has an awesome ability to have very in depth dreams where he is in full control of what is happening in the dreams. AJ also has the ability to remember the majority of his dreams when he wakes up, and can explain what happened down to the very last detail.



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