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Feature Friday: Aaron Hard, UX Software Designer

[FEATURE FRIDAY | 2 MIN READ]  This #FeatureFriday, Passportal is proud to feature Aaron Hard, UX Software Designer. Aaron is one of Passportal's earliest employees and has seen Passportal grow to where they are today. Continue reading to learn about the values that drive him to be successful in his role.


Aaron Hard, UX Software Designer

As an accomplished and successful developer, Aaron’s main focus is to work closely with the user experience and user interface. Aaron strives in reworking areas of software and identifying where an improvement is needed. Having improved UX, Passportal partners have the ability to increase their workflow and ensure a more streamlined and efficient process is in place.

When Aaron was asked what he was most passionate about he responded, “My passion has always caused me to want to improve the human experience with any job, service, or product I have worked with in the past. As the world moves more to technology and digital products, I feel it is becoming one of the most important areas that require constant improvements when it comes to a positive experience and interaction.”

Fun fact about Aaron; Aaron is an avid hockey player and often plays 5 times a week. Hockey aside, Aaron has found a new passion for yoga! As an advocate for self-reflection, Aaron has found yoga to be a unique addition to his everyday routine.


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