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Feature Release

4 Passportal Features You Need to Start Using

By Passportal Inc.

1) Ocular Mobile AppMobileAppLogIn

Passportal’s announced our newest release: SolarWinds Passportal Mobile App. The fully native app is accessible for iOS and Android platforms, enabling users to easily access their My Vault, Company Vault, and Client credentials directly on their mobile phone.

> Learn how to download and use the Ocular™ Mobile App here

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2) Public Document PublishingPublishDocs

Passportal introduced another great feature in the SolarWinds Passportal + Documentation Manager platform: Public Document Publishing. Publishing Documents gives Passportal partners the ability to share documents with external users.

> Learn how your clients can gain access to documentation here 

3) Runbooksimage-15

Passportal released our hugely anticipated feature in the SolarWinds Passportal platform: Runbooks. Passportal partners can now export and print a single PDF file containing consolidated information such as a collection of articles, procedures, assets, passwords, and all other documentation.

 > Learn all about Passportal's Runbooks feature here 

4) Receptivereceptive pic

Passportal integrated a partner feedback system directly within the SolarWinds Passportal platform called Receptive. Receptive is an easy-to-use widget that displays directly within the Ocular™ platform on the upper right-hand corner indicated by receptive icon icon. Passportal partners can submit feature requests, provide product feedback, and view our product roadmap.

> Learn about how Passportal Partners can start using Receptive today 


 >> NEW RELEASE: Passportal Announces SolarWinds Passportal Browser Extension. Click to learn more.

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