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Nerding Out

The 3 Best Comic Runs Released On July 25, 2018

By Benjamin Urquhart

Marvel and DC both employ soft and hard reboots from time to time...

Whether this is to streamline canon, or make things more accessible, it usually results in restarted titles. These titles have shown extreme promise in the short time they have been out, and are perfect for the new or veteran comic reader. I have hand-selected the best releases that July 25th had to offer. Pick these up now at your local comic store.

1) Donny Cates - 'Venom' (MARVEL)

Following his white hot run on Thanos, Donny Cates shifts his gaze to Venom #4. Reinventing the character and introduces a mystery 1000 years old, Cates adds to the Venom mythos whilst maintaining a character focused arc and very real struggles.

Ryan Stegman provides the art, having penned previous Venom arcs. His realistic yet cartoonish look provides Venom #4 with grit and realism, grounding the book despite its supernatural influences. Venom #4  is a fresh start, and one well worth reading.

2) Nick Spencer - The Amazing Spider-Man (MARVEL)

Nick Spencer previously wrote the divisive Secret Empire, which featured two Captain America’s and the subjugation of the USA. Looking past that, Spencer brings charm, wit and humour to this book. He completely captures the essence of Spider-Man as 'the everyday person with a dedication to help others'. Spider-Man’s reliability is what makes him so magical, you can put just about anyone in his shoes. A little take-away: Peter Parker had his mind switched, became the leader of a massive global company, and had it taken all away. This brings back the humanism of Spider-Man #2.

Fresh off INVINCIBLE, Ryan Ottley is a perfect fit for Spider-Man #2. Ryan captures the humanism of all the characters, yet still manages to depict the ever agile, Spider-Man, as he leaps and swings around. The first issue paints an extremely bright future for this book, and a return to the classic Spider-Man #2 with the ol’Peter Parker luck. Packed with action, humour, and drama, this is a fantastic jumping-in point for fans of Spider-Man.

3) Mariko Tamaki - X-23 (MARVEL)

With the original Wolverine's return on the horizon for Marvel, Laura Kinney’s role as the new Wolverine has come to an end. All New Wolverine was a constant bright spot amidst Marvel’s polarizing All New All Different banner, but writer Mariko Tamaki looks to continue this winning trend. She continues the character arcs while ushering in a new story, capturing the heart of each character and giving us smiles along the way.

Art comes from Juann Cabal, who penned the previous All New Wolverine series, giving a sense of familiarity and continuity. His clean artwork depicts the characters with grace, such as Laura’s unease and Gabby’s scrappy attitude.

While a relaunch of a title, this book doesn’t change things for the sake of impact, instead giving us a meaningful story that serves as a diving board for the reader to jump into the upcoming arc. Fans of All New Wolverine should definitely pick up this book. X-23 #2 is out now, get your copy today.

All comics listed above are now available as of July 25, 2018, get them while they're hot!

In other news...Comic-Con 2018 recap!

The Comic-Con International, July 18-21, certainly delivered, revealing long awaited trailers and unveiled some surprises. DC had massive success, generating enormous amounts of hype for “Aquaman” and “Shazam!”. Marvel was noticeably absent in revealing movie trailers as they prepare for their upcoming releases of “Captain Marvel” and the untitled Avengers 4, and "Glass" made it's debut. Watch the top three trailers here.


This trailer premiered at Comic-Con to strong reaction. It’s heavy on exposition, setting up Aquaman’s origin and his nemesis throughout the film. I have mixed feelings about this movie, as it seems they are trying to “bro” up Aquaman and make him BA. However, watch the trailer and formulate your own opinion.

(Video from YouTube)


It appears DC has finally gotten their movies right. This movie feels fresh and fun, packed full of charm and humour. While I had apprehensions about the casting of Zachary Levi, he is great in this role, showing an out of depth teenager struggling with his newfound powers, simultaneously reacting with glee at his new abilities. Hopefully this movie lives up to this trailer be the first home run in the Worlds of Dc.

(Video from YouTube)


Split” was a welcome surprise. I found the premise interesting, and the realization that it was an unofficial “Unbreakable” sequel made it all the better. This movie looks extremely promising, due to the strong performances by each of the lead actors. It seems to defy the conventional tropes of superhero movies, and hopefully it carves out its own niche in film history.

(Video from YouTube)


Written by:

Benjamin Urquhart

Ben closely follows top comic authors, such as Tom King, who is well-known for his work with comic goliaths Marvel and DC Comics. Ben maintains a passion for reading and writing, aspiring to create his own comics one day.

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