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The 3 Best Comic Runs Released Today, July 18, 2018

Passportal is excited to announce a new, creative content series featuring various bloggers to talk about what is trending in and around IT channel. We plan to give future reviews on wacky gadgets, popular culture, comics, best apps, tech and more, in addition to our educational MSP business updates taught by industry experts. 

Editors note: Today, we launch Passportal’s Comic Series, which features comic and novel enthusiast, Benjamin Urqurhart. Ben closely follows top comic authors, such as Tom King, who is well-known for his work with comic goliaths Marvel and DC Comics. Ben maintains a passion for reading and writing, aspiring to create his own comics one day.


Comics have been BLOWING up recently...

In 2018 alone, many big-ticket movies such as the adorned Black Panther, the Avengers, and Ant-man and the Wasp, showcased a star-studded cast making comics bigger than ever; the writing world now also reflects this. Marvel and DC Comics have both upped their game, bringing in upcoming and veteran talent to bring you the best stories possible. After going through this weeks comic releases, I handpicked 3 of the best, highlighting why you should read them.

1) Jason Aaron - 'Thor' (MARVEL)

Having started his magnificent Thor run in 2012, Jason Aaron is capping it off with his final series with Thor #3. He began with the critically acclaimed Thor: God of Thunder, and sky rocketed from there. He completely changed the status quo of Thor, interestingly making him unworthy of his hammer. This allowed Jane Foster to become enchanted by the hammer, twisting the plot. In Thor #3, Thor battles with his brother, Balder, to wed the goddess of death, Hela. Who is going to be the lucky groom in this unholy matrimony or will it be stopped? You will have to read to find out.

The current artist, Mike Del Mundo, offers a unique style that masterfully depicts the many styles and mythologies of Thor’s world. Jason Aaron’s run on Thor is interconnected, so I recommend starting with Thor: God of Thunder and reading onward from there. If you enjoyed Thor: Ragnarok, this book is for you!

2) Scott Snyder - 'Justice League' (DC COMICS)

Scott Snyder begins his arc on DC’s premier team, the Justice League. With a roster inspired by the classic Justice League cartoon, Scott Snyder’s run is reminiscent of Grant Morrison’s run on JLA. This series is a love letter to the fans. It is humorous, filled with action, and homes likeable characters. Snyder writes Justice League as a family with colourful banter to help portray the story.

Even though Jorge Jiménez is not the full-time artist, he is the one to fill it's pages. His art is hopeful and heartwarming, bringing each of these characters to life and providing each with with distinct personality. This book is fantastic and showcases DC Comics premier heroes in a great way. Justice League hosts a handful spectacular artists such as the aforementioned Jorge Jiménez, superstar Jim Cheung, and rising power Mikel Janin.

3) Al Ewing - 'Immortal Hulk' (MARVEL)

Al Ewing brings back the classic Hulk, portraying him as a lumbering, terrifying creature that comes out at night. "It can’t be contained; it can’t be stopped; it is the Immortal Hulk", Al Ewing provides a fresh start to the Hulk that pays homage that gives an unique and invigorating take on its original incarnation.

The artist, Joe Bennet’s style is sleek yet substantial. He gives the Hulk a towering presence, as if the comic panel is too small for him and that he's about to burst out. He draws a terrifying Hulk that gives the reader chills, adding credence to this book. His Bruce Banner is small but wily, struggling to contain the monster inside of him, his eternal struggle. This amazing new book blends old with the new and is a certainty must read.

All comics listed above are now available today, July 18, 2018. Find them at your local comic book store.

In other news, Marvel recently brought back What If?, a series showcasing alternate events in another 'Marveluniverse' and cosplay madness starts tomorrow, July 19-22, 2018, at the International Comic-Con in San Diego. Comic-Con is forecasted to bring a lot of exciting news, such as the Aquaman and Glassman trailer, and a possible, Shazam/Captain Marvel trailer to!


Written by:

Benjamin Urquhart

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