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12 Days of Passwords: Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

By Passportal Inc.

'Using multi-factor authentication is not a nice to have, it's a must have...'

You heard him! Aaron Melear, Director, MSP Partners Duo Security said it himself! If you want to be cyber resilient, then you need to be implementing a MFA solution for these 4 reasons:

  1. Address Extra Security Risks:
    "An MSP facing a major breach or vulnerability could be detrimental to business, and result in loss of client confidence. By putting 2FA on all apps, MSPs are able to accurately validate the user upon authentication, which helps reduce risk from stolen credentials."

  2. Deliver a Complete Offering:
    "As an MSP, your offering isn’t complete without 2FA. Period. Five years from now, you won’t see a security offering that doesn’t include 2FA, whether it’s part of the native app experience or the overarching service.For MSPs to compete, you need a fully-integrated offering, and strong authentication completes the puzzle."

  3. Gain Operational Efficiency:
    "To be profitable, MSPs must be operationally efficient. 2FA prevents security incidents, which can be costly to remediate, especially with the amount of technician time involved. 2FA also reduces the number of password changes required for clients, which also frees up resources." 

  4. Drive More Value:
    "With a good 2FA solution, you can use APIs to build automation and efficiency into other security tools that can drive additional insights and increase the value delivered by the MSP to the client. The result is better client assessments and reporting, which can create more upsell and cross sell opportunities and increase your footprint with customers."
Did you miss these MFA tips from Duo's, Aaron Melear? Read his full article, "Four Key Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication for MSPs"!

MSP Quick Tip Takeaway...

  • Integrating MFA directly to your privileged access management solution is a no-brainier. This will guarantee the correct techs are getting the right access, rapidly to the privileged information and knowledge they need to do their jobs in the most efficient way possible.

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