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12 Days of Passwords: The Right Way to Generate Complex Passwords

[12 DAYS OF PASSWORDS | 2 MIN READ]  Protect your MSP by using complex strings of non-reused passwords. Combo this with a password generation tool as a simple solution to manage all your passwords effortlessly. Discover below four tips that help keep your passwords unique and hard to breach. 


4 quick tips to enhance password complexity

Maintain at least a 16 character count with the following in mind: 

  1. Three-Four Random Words (e.g. Lights, Tech, Clouds)

  2. Upper and Lower Case (e.g. LightsTechClouds)

  3. Numbers (e.g. LightsTechClouds9)

  4. Special Characters/Symbols (e.g. LightsTechClouds9%)



MSP Quick Tip Takeaway...

Yes, you can manually change all your passwords with these tips in mind, however, when it relates to a growing MSP, this method would be time consuming and inefficient, misutilizing your tech's time.

  • Implement a password generator tool with an automated function that creates complex password strings that are stored and rotated within the tool itself. No need to memorize 1000+ passwords or think of the copious amounts of unique words, characters, symbols, and more for each individual password.
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