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12 Days of Passwords: Privileged Client Knowledge Management

[12 DAYS OF PASSWORDS | 3 MIN READ]  When you combine password management and IT documentation, it becomes one unified solution: privileged client knowledge management. Streamline your team by implementing an all-in-one solution that combines the security of password maintenance and provides technicians quick access to the client knowledge they need to help their clients.


Unlock Client Knowledge & Free-Up Technician time!

By simplifying the documentation process and offering standards around documentation through permissions within a single console, allows technicians to leverage security and automation to rapidly access client knowledge. 

Now there is one place for technicians to access the information they need to help their clients. This in turn improves client satisfaction, services become more profitable, and compliance is made easy to any necessary data regulation on your MSP. Regardless of technician turnover, your team will be able to maintain consistent service delivery for your entire client base.

Benefits of Privileged Client Knowledge Management:

  • Password Security, Automation, & Resets
  • Technician Access Control
  • Standardized & Centralized IT Documentation Management
  • Seamless Integrations for Data Synchronization 

MSP Quick Tip Takeaway...

  • Do you want to free-up time for your technician's who are repeatedly looking for information and understanding client networks to do their work properly?  If yes, then implementing an all-in-one solution for privileged client knowledge management is your solution.
  • Improve your MSP security posture by enforcing access control and maintaining best practice in password maintenance and documentation through automation.
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