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12 Days of Passwords: Power of Automation for Password Security

[12 DAYS OF PASSWORDS | 3 MIN READ]  As we uncover more best practices in password security, there is one crucial component that is often overlooked or ignored, and that is password rotation. As an MSP, managing a multitude of passwords for a variety of enterprises, the idea of changing even one password can be daunting. Since password rotation refers to changing all the passwords on a variety of systems on a frequency basis, where does an MSP start and when should passwords be renewed? 


MSPs should be rotating passwords on all...

  • Client's Systems Accounts
  • Network Appliances
  • Cloud Services and Portals
  • Line of Business Applications
  • AND do not forget about your own Technicians

But what about frequency?

As an MSP, it is recommended to change all passwords on these terms:

  • Instantly (if a breach occurred; remember not to recycle credentials)
  • 3 Months minimum (for credentials that give access to sensitive data)
  • 6 Months maximum (Covers all your bases and solves existing/former staff knowing privileged credentials) 

MSP Quick Tip Takeaway...

  • Use the power of automation to help your technicians manage password rotation by leveraging a password management tool. Limiting the lifespan of your client's passwords and setting auto-expire plus password regeneration on a schedule that works for your MSP, will eliminate the guess work. More control of your credentials means less risk for a breach due to vulnerable, stale, forgotten about passwords. 
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