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12 Days of Passwords: Password Management-as-a-Service (PMaaS)

[12 DAYS OF PASSWORDS | 2 MIN READ]  Password management for small and mid-size businesses remains a major pain-point and frustration for clients. There is a significant opportunity for MSPs to deliver Password Management-as-a-Service (PMaaS) to solve this problem for clients, which adds value and delivers service differentiation.

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Deliver the ability to automatically and securely share approved passwords between the ITSP and their clients in co-managed IT environments.

With Password Management-as-a-Service, you can:

  • Centralize & secure their corporate & personal passwords
  • Set up folders to organize & categorize passwords
  • Manage all employees & data access rights
  • Receive notifications of all passwords known by departing employees
  • Generate strong & unique passwords Login to saved websites with 1 click Run audits and reports internally

MSP Quick Tip Takeaway...

  • Enhance your service offering with a security focused tool that can be rebranded for your clients. It is now time equip your business with the tools that are essential in todays threat landscape. 
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