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11 Recently Released Passportal Features & Integrations

[FEATURE RELEASE | 4 MIN READ] In case you missed them, Passportal recently announced the release of 11 new features and integrations. Learn how you can utilize these to maximize your MSP efficiency!


1) Ocular Mobile AppMobileAppLogIn

Passportal’s announced our newest release: Ocular™ Mobile App. The fully native app is accessible for iOS and Android platforms, enabling users to easily access their My Vault, Company Vault, and Client credentials directly on their mobile phone.

> Learn how to download and use the Ocular™ Mobile App here

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2) Public Document PublishingPublishDocs

Passportal introduced another great feature in the Ocular™ + docs platform: Public Document Publishing. Publishing Documents gives Passportal partners the ability to share documents with external users.

> Learn how your clients can gain access to documentation here 

3) Runbooksimage-15

Passportal released our hugely anticipated feature in the Ocular™ platform: Runbooks. Passportal partners can now export and print a single PDF file containing consolidated information such as a collection of articles, procedures, assets, passwords, and all other documentation.

 > Learn all about Passportal's Runbooks feature here 

4) Receptivereceptive pic

Passportal integrated a partner feedback system directly within the Ocular™ platform called Receptive. Receptive is an easy-to-use widget that displays directly within the Ocular™ platform on the upper right-hand corner indicated by receptive icon icon. Passportal partners can submit feature requests, provide product feedback, and view our product roadmap.

> Learn about how Passportal Partners can start using Receptive today 


5) ConnectWise Automate® RMM Integration & Automate® PluginMac-Technology-Suite--Automate-crop

The ConnectWise Automate® integration allows Passportal partners to sync their devices directly into Ocular™ + docs. Once the device is in Ocular™ + docs, users are able to link them to other documents or credentials. This integration highlights new tools to allow users to access an up-to-date status report, or audit, of the device/s. A direct link back to the ConnectWise Automate® web portal is available through Ocular™ + docs.

ConnectWise Automate® plugin allows users access to view, edit, create, and disable passwords stored in Ocular™ directly within the Automate® console. The plugin will contain a list of all folders and passwords stored in Passportal, which are linked to a particular client.

 > Learn more ConnectWise Automate® features here 


6) ConnectWise Manage® PSA IntegrationMac Technology Suite - Integrations - Manage - Jan 2019 - crop

The ConnectWise Manage® PSA integration with the Ocular™ platform helps MSPs get up and running quicker with Passportal by syncing information such as: Clients, Users, Assets, Contacts and Locations. This not only saves time, but also ensures accuracy across records. MSPs have the ability to fine-tune each section and control which records should be synced or excluded. The easy set-up process will get your MSP up and running with Passportal Ocular™ within minutes. 

> Learn more ConnectWise Manage® features here 


7) SolarWinds N-Central RMM IntegrationMac Technology Suite - SolarWinds REV3 - crop

The SolarWinds MSP N-Central integration allows Passportal partners to sync their devices directly into Ocular™. Once the device is in Ocular™, partners can link them to other assets, articles, documents, or credentials. Technicians can also retrieve rich device data from within Ocular™, and link directly to the devices in the N-Central console.

> Learn more SolarWinds MSP N-Central features here


8) NinjaRMM Integration  Mac Technology Suite - Integrations - NinjaRMM - Jan 2019 - crop

Passportal's Ocular™ + docs integrates with NinjaRMM, allowing partners to sync their devices directly into Ocular™ + docs.  Once the device is in Ocular™ + docs, users are able to link them to other documents or credentials. The NinjaRMM integration highlights new tools that allow users to get an up-to-date status report, or audit of the device/s. With Partners who already use Ninja, they will be able to launch a remote session through TeamViewer and access a direct link back to the device within Ninja.

> Learn more NinjaRMM features here 


9) Continuum RMM IntegrationMac Technology Suite - Integrations - Continuum - Jan 2019 - crop

The Continuum RMM integration allows Passportal partners to sync their devices directly into Ocular™ + docs. Once the device is in Ocular™ + docs, partners can link them to other assets, articles, documents, or credentials. Technicians can also retrieve rich device data from within Ocular™ + docs, and launch remote sessions to the devices without having to jump back into the Continuum console.

> Learn more Continuum RMM features here 


10) Auvik Integration Mac Technology Suite - Auvik REV3 - crop

Auvik is directly integrated into Passportal's Ocular™ + docs platform. Auvik has capability to do automatic network discovery. Clients and their assets will sync directly into Ocular™ + docs. Users are able to import all of their networks and create the relationships in Ocular™ + docs.

> Learn more Auvik integration features here 


11) Datto RMM Integration & Expanded Autotask PSAMac Technology Suite - Integrations - Datto RMM - Jan 2019 - crop

The next-gen integration with Datto RMM brings a whole new level of operational efficiency by taking the next step beyond synchronization of all devices as assets. Functionality includes quick launch capabilities to rapidly access features of the RMM, which has never been seen before. This builds upon the fundamentals of MSP efficiency and drives incremental value to our partners and ultimately, their clients through faster resolution times.

With Datto Autotask PSA linking seamlessly to Ocular™ + docs, technicians have single click access to client documentation. This eliminates scattered data sources and cuts technician time by 20% that is typically spent searching for client knowledge and information. This expanded integration allows technicians to proactively solve problems quickly with ease.

> Learn more Datto integration features here 

DattoRMM       Datto Autotask PSA

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