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Providing technicians rapid access to the privileged information and knowledge they need to effectively support clients

What we do for Managed Services Providers (MSPs)


SolarWinds® Passportal provides simple yet secure password and documentation management tailored for the operations of an MSP. The platform is cloud-based and offers channel partners automated password protection and makes storing, managing, and retrieving passwords & client knowledge quick and easy from virtually any connected device. The SolarWinds® Passportal product suite also offers value added service products including Documentation Manager, Blink and Site all which promote compliance with industry regulations and help protect businesses from data breaches, cybersecurity threats and network vulnerabilities. 


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SolarWinds® Passportal Password Security

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SolarWinds® Passportal & Documentation Manager

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Branded Password
Management as a Service | + ADD-ON

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 Self Service Password Resets & Ticket Automation | + ADD-ON

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SolarWinds Passportal

Password management is a key foundation on how we support our customers. Due to Passportal’s password rotation function, there isn’t any administrative account in our managed client portfolio where the password is over 15 days old. We were at a prospect where both admin accounts had their admin password last changed in 2004, Yikes! At Show Tech IT Solutions, we track everything in Passportal, from security codes, to lockboxes, and admin access passwords. Customers trust us to keep stuff documented. Anything that needs to be documented and audited goes into Passportal. 

Charles J. Love
Director of Service Operations, Show Tech IT Solutions

Passportal Site

We started to use Passportal and Site for our customers back in 2015 with the aim of helping them implement strong password policies and reduce security risk. None of our clients used a password management solution at that time and relied on personal systems in a scattershot manner to document passwords. Passportal Site allows us to securely share business credentials with customers, and maintain a safeguarded authentication environment. It also represents a new source of revenue for our MSP business while giving us the ability to help our clients be more secure and productive. 

Ian Richardson
CEO and Founder, Doberman Technologies

Passportal Blink

Passportal Blink has become a base component of our product offerings at Logically.  We include it in as an integral part of our service packages because it saves time and effort in having to reset user passwords.  It also adds a layer of security and the ability to remove human error from reset requests.  This is especially useful for our 24x7 clients that lock themselves out of their account where a second form of verification would be required by an on-call tech.  As we grow our client base, I see greater efficiencies Logically will gain using this tool. 

Jeffrey Young
Director of Managed Services, Logically