By providing Password Management as a branded service to your current clients, you generate new revenue and increase your value as their IT service provider. Password Management also provides a wedge between you and your competitors as an opportunity to win new clients. Providing these services while running Tigerpaw as your business automation tool will give you the growth boost you’ve been looking for.

The Tigerpaw/Passportal integration allows synchronization of resources and accounts from Tigerpaw to Passportal, reducing the onboarding process and redundant data entry.

With Tigerpaw and Passportal you will:

  • Lower Costs – With the Passportal systems you will experience improved individual technician efficiency and reduction of the number of password related service tickets submitted by customers.
  • Save Time – Tigerpaw’s automation features do a lot of work for you. In addition the integration with Passportal saves you from double entry.
  • Improve Security – not only will you gain password security with Passportal, your purchase of Tigerpaw allows you to host your data to keep it secure and be protected from PCI compliance.
  • Increase Sales – Differentiate yourself with services your competitors are not providing