Robust and
Powerful Security

At Passportal, we take passwords seriously and the protection of your passwords is our number one priority! All password data stored in Passportal is AES-256 encrypted in compounded layers using multiple SHA-256 hashes leveraging secured remote components.

As an added measure of security each MSP chooses their own custom Organization Passphrase at registration which Passportal staff never know and can’t see (since we don’t store it). This adds an additional layer of encryption to the data and better ensures your security.


Data Sovereignty

Passportal has deployed independent data centres in both Canada and the United States. This allows us to properly ensure your data remains sovereign and your organization can comply with regulatory compliance requirements set against your clients.

Flexible and Easy Access Assignment

Passportal easily allows you to assign temporary or permanent access to your team. Consultant client assignments are guaranteed to change, and in the event that a user requires access to aspecific client which you have not yet assigned to them in Passportal, they have the ability to request either temporary or permanent access through the system. As a manager in Passportal, you can decide on what level of access to grant, and for what duration.

multi-Factor Authentication

Passportal can protect access to your data with two factors (something you know, and something you have). To further enhance security and verify the identities of those accessing your passwords, Passportal offers a native 2FA function. This allows you to logon using an expiring One Time Passcode (OTP) generated by our system and sent to you via SMS, Email or Phone Call to protect you from keyloggers, over-the-shoulder peaking, and sticky notes.

Enforce Password Rotation

Passportal allows you to set the password rotation frequency organization wide for both internal users, and client credentials stored in the system. This assists your organization in ensuring that client credentials remain fresh and less likely to be compromised due to someone’s memory.

Custom Permissions & security Groups

Not all system permissions levels are going to fit every situation. As such, Passportal allows you to create entire custom permission groups for user assignment, or to add individual permissions to specific users on a one-off basis.