Have you ever had a client ask about managing passwords? Offer Password & Identity Management as a value-added service with your brand's interface! 


Easy Activation

With a single click, activate licenses for your clients. Passportal does the rest!

We send your client an activation email to set up security questions, account details, and a company passphrase giving you more time to focus on selling more licenses!



Fully Brandable Interface


Your branded interface is the first and last thing they see which is pretty handy when they rave about you to friends and their professional networks!


Your Clients Will Love...


Password Backups for their 'Internet of Things'


Today's businesses depend on Wi-Fi, the cloud, and interlaced applications. So, what happens if the internet goes out but the business day isn't over? Our Password Backup Utility feature gives your risk-efficient and non tech-savvy clients peace of mind in knowing they won't be locked out if there's an internet outage!


Mobile Access for Clients Always on the Go


Clients are always on the go but still need to secure their business. WIth a mobile optimized site and an upcoming mobile application, Passportal gives your clients anywhere access with concrete security you can't find from consumer-level alternatives!


Self-service password resets


No more phone tag with clients to help them reset their passwords. Clients can perform their own password resets saving their business' time and your technicians from redundant and wasteful reset tickets.