Convenience & Simplicity

Coming from an MSP, Passportal knows that efficiency within your technical team is paramount to operating successfully and profitably. As a result we have built in numerous features to allow your technicians to work quickly and easily with passwords, saving time hunting for the right credentials in various places.

1-Click Logins

Synchronized bookmarks across all devices allow you to launch and login to any website, with a single click, without having to remember the URL, username, or password associated.


Passportal knows that sometimes clients are peering over your shoulder as you work, and viewing passwords on screen may not always be optimal. This is why we offer the ability to copy a username or password to your clipboard directly from the table list, without ever needing to open or see the password displayed on screen.



Even though you may login to a client every day, the complex password is too much to remember. Rather than browsing through the database to find the password to get in, Passportal lets you bookmark the item so that it is always available to you quickly at the top of the screen.


Mobile Access

Who doesn’t use their smartphone 100 times a day? We know that techs aren’t always in front of their computer, and sometimes don’t even have a solid internet connection. So we offer a feature rich, mobile optimized interface that allows users to get the information they need, fast and easy.

Global Search

Passportal’s search system is indexed frequently for rapid searching, and also allows you to search across any stored item in a single step. Search any matches across Clients, Passwords, or Users and get quick access to the information you are looking for.

Recently Accessed

Many systems require you to re-input a password to save a configuration change, or even when the web-based control panel times out on you. Instead of hunting around for the password again, simply check Passportal’s top bar for your recent accessed items, and wrapping up the task is a breeze.


No more password reset tickets.
No more phone tag.
No more waiting.

Give your Active Directory clients the power.

Now your client-base can take advantage of the Self-Service Password Reset feature that eliminates the mundane and tedious process of resetting your clients’ passwords which often looks like a long game of phone tag, a risky waiting period, an annoyed user, a bored technician, and an overall process that takes the concept of ‘tech leadership’ further and further away from your brand!



Automatic browser access.
Multi-Factor Authentication.
Across all devices.

anywhere access.

Increase efficiency with an automatic application that controls, manages, and syncs all your passwords straight from your chrome browser to all devices.